Mohit Sirohi

(Co-Founder, Executive Operational Director)

A young learner, a professional and an Advocate for UNSDGs. Mohit Sirohi is a young learner, a professional and an advocate of UN Sustainable Development Goals primarily focusing on Quality Education and Youth Development. He has his educational background in the Technological field pursuing Computing from London Metropolitan University. He also has his interests in the field of International Relations and Public Policy has been pursuing it side by side. He has been a recipient of various awards like IYONS Ambassador for Nepal in the IYONS World Summit, Global Peace Ambassador in the IYS Summit, and the recent one being Global Goals Action Ambassador by Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) Youth Action United Nations Program in Malaysia. He also aspires as an entrepreneur who has bagged multiple startups under his share. Mohit has represented Nepal in various international platforms, Global Summits and exchange programs with focused themes on peace-building, quality education, youth action, community development and global solutions for sustainable development. He is the one who believes in Actions and dreams of building a community where everyone is equal, where if one falls, other helps and together they rise.

Sudesh Pokhrel

(Co-Founder, Executive Administrative Director)

Young Global Changemaker in the World Policy Forum 2020, Berlin Germany, Sudesh Pokhrel is a Young Leader from the kingdom of Bhutan. He holds a Master in International Relations from the South Asian University. He is a Young Global Changer- 2020 in the “Global Solutions: World Policy Forum” in Berlin, Germany. He is also the Youth Ambassador for Bhutan through the International Youth Society. He firmly believes that the Youth have the power to reverse the Worlds Unsustainable Scenario. He was also the ambassador for peace in the International Youth Forum 2019 supporting the role of Youth in achieving the 2030 agenda for UN SDG where he moderated the most important sessionon Youth involvement in achieving Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. He was also awarded the I am extraordinary medal in the International Youth forum. Subsequently, while he represented Bhutan in the Global Goals Summit 2020 in Malaysia, he was awarded as the Global Goals Actions Ambassador. He also serves as the Country Director for Bhutan in the Global Peace Chain and has advocated for worldwide peace in the GPC Summit in Malaysia, 2020. He has also received a memento of appreciation for the invaluable contributions made towards the promotion of enduring Peace; friendship between Bhutan. India. His interests also lie in inculcating an alternative development model for the world through happiness and wellbeing so that one can balance the pro-capitalist world view with less capitalist ones.

Reid Allen S. Ugsang

(Co-Founder, Executive Technical Director)

Ph.D Education, Lecturer and Advocate for Quality Education. Reid Allen S. Ugsang is a professorial lecturer and an enthusiastic advocate for quality education in the Philippines and worldwide. He obtained his Master of Arts in Education in English Studies and Instruction as Cum Laude from Roosevelt College Foundation, Inc. and his Doctoral Degree in Education major in Educational Administration from Far Eastern University, one of the top universities in the Philippines. He has been a recipient of various awards like I am Xtraordinary as an Ambassador for Peace in the International Youth Forum in India; Global Goals Action Ambassador by Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) Youth Action United Nations Program in Malaysia. Reid has represented the Philippines in various international undertakings, fellowships, and exchange programs in Asia with focused themes on innovative education and leadership, peacebuilding, language and literature, journalism and community engagement, and global solutions for sustainable development.

MD Talebur Islam Rupom

(Co-Founder, Executive Strategic Director)

A young writer, researcher, social activist and an advocate for youth development and, national and foreign policies. He is simultaneously a young writer, researcher, social activist and a passionate advocate for youth development, enlightenment, international relations and, national and foreign policies. He attained his Bachelor of Arts in English and Humanities with Conflict Studies from University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh. He also studied on cultural diplomacy in Indonesia as being one of the awardees of Indonesian Government Arts and Culture Scholarship. He has received numerous awards such as The Duke of Edinburghs International Award- Bronze, Silver and Gold consecutively by Prince Philips, the UK for his excellent contribution and service in community development, alongside being enlisted as the Global Goodwill Ambassador. Hence, he has been also rewarded with Youth Leadership Prize 2016 by UKAID and the Government of the UK for his outstanding leadership and commitment, and I am Xtraordinary for being the Ambassador for Peace at International Youth Forum in India. He has represented Bangladesh multiple times at the global arenas held in Asia through attending various international conferences, fellowships and exchange programmes focusing on youth development and leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation, language and literature, research, human rights, peacebuilding, public and culture diplomacy, foreign policies, and universal solutions for Sustainable Development Goals.



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