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Eduardo João Vicente de Carvalho

Eduardo João Vicente de Carvalho


I am a 17 year old Portuguese student and I live in the central region of Portugal. I love nature, freedom, democracy and peace and, fortunately, I live surrounded by pristine nature, highly tolerant and respectful environment where multitude of opinion, race and religion is highly welcome. Unfortunately, I have to observe how many foreign countries aren’t capable of creating adequate solutions that respect fundamental human rights both to their domestic and foreign problems. I am forced to observe how the European Union is being stressed and continuously endangered by issues, such as immigration, human rights and solidarity, that should be the basis of the union since they have been the founding pillars of the EU. Internal issues such those mentioned above coupled with global interests of the USA and Russia and putting the EU under a considerable stress fuelling the appearance of extreme right wing movements and awaking regional disputes that we considered solved. Unfortunately, EU leaders systematically fail to strengthen EU pillars and thereby endanger the only factor that has kept peace in Europe since the II world war. I believe that my generation has the responsibility and the moral obligation to change this status quo. We have to increase pressure on politicians and the society in order to increase awareness and demand for different policies at the global scale that make regional and worldwide peace possible. Being a GWE helps me by strengthening my international network and relation to the UN SDGs.