Tildah Magoba


I am a 30 year old humanitarian, blogger, freelance writer and administrative consultant for startups in Zimbabwe. I am the founder of ZAEZ Administrative Consultancy offering performance management services to startups in Zimbabwe. I have been blogging for over 2 ½ years and writing for 6 ½ years as a content contributor for various offline and online media houses and organizations. I am a country publicist and executive of the Writers Development Trust and a member of Alliance for Women in Development (since2015). I am also a member of the Zimbabwe Youth Council; Assistant Executive Director of Youth Alliance in Leadership & Development International Zimbabwe Branch. Where I also hold the position of acting Research Director. The appointment sets to launch an existing YALDA Zimbabwe Trust and bring it to action on community development initiatives.

As a young African I believe it is my responsibility to engage in policy and development dialogues and initiatives that help transform the African narrative to a positive one.

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