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Ufra Mir


As the first & only peace-psychologist from Kashmir & South-Asia, I work at the intersection of the science of psychology and peacebuilding where my vision of peace is very much foundational in holistic global wellbeing, mental health, self-transformation, changemaking and inner peace first - for more empowered, more empathetic, more peaceful and more cohesive, just and resilient world. My work is aimed at impacting individuals & communities - to heal, cope up positively with the ramifications of living in any conflict situation or zone, building more resilience and space for positive peacebuilding in the process. Along with being a UWC (IB) scholar and having my double degree from USA-UK, I have formal training & certifications in facilitation, conflict management, dialogue, mediation, change management, conflict sensitivity, nonviolent conflict reconciliation, psychological-emotional first aid and transformation skills. I also have the lifetime membership in Psi Chi - The International Honor Society in Psychology. I’ve worked in Kashmir, different parts of India, South-Asia & USA, with people of all age groups & backgrounds, in the past decade with various local and international organizations. Over the years, I’ve presented my analysis on the Kashmir conflict, facilitated workshops on my pioneering Peace-psychology work & received recognition from international forums including the World Economic Forum's Global Shaper Hub (Shape South-Asia Summit, India), Nobel Peace Prize forums (USA), the Bill Clinton’s Global Initiative (USA), the Swedish Institute (Sweden), Center for Nonviolence & Peace-studies (Uni of Rhode Island, USA), MIT World Peace University (Pune), UN75 Dialogue on SDG3 on Peace-psychology and Mental Health (Confederation of Young Leaders, Jammu Kashmir team), United World College (International Office, UK), Women's Regional Network (India, Afghanistan, Pakistan), Women in Security, Conflict Management & Peace Foundation for Universal Responsibility (Delhi-Kashmir, India), TEDx talks, The Rotary Foundation and the International Network for Peace-psychologists. I’ve also been recognized as one of the top 10 Kashmiri women achievers for my contribution to wellbeing, healing and peacebuilding in Kashmir.


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